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Striker is an independent act out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and draws from a classic blend of hard rock and metal. Since their humble beginnings in 2007, the band has grown to a mainstage draw across North America and Europe and released their 6th studio album, entitled Play To Win, October 26 2018.


The band has worked with elite producers such as Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Warrant, Dokken), Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, In Flames), and Henrik Udd (Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Powerwolf), all contributing to a high fidelity production style that has drawn rave reviews from hard rock media such as Decibel, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Bravewords, and many others. Since performing their first shows nearly a decade ago, the band has played roughly 1000 shows around the world and gone from playing small clubs to arenas supporting bands like Metallica, along with everything in between.


Striker’s fan base is a mix of the metal veterans who experienced the heights of the genre in the 80s and 90s as well as younger fans that are just getting into hard rock and metal. The high quality of the band’s music and the growth of their own label Record Breaking Records has garnered support from Canada’s most prominent music organizations such as FACTOR, Radio Star Marker, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council, and many others, and has drawn many high profile awards such as a JUNO nominations in 2018 and 2020, as well as winning several Western Canadian Music Awards, Edmonton Music Awards, the Edmonton Music Prize, and many others.

Striker is currently writing material for a new studio album and have released 2 singles in 2022, entitled Deathwish and Strange Love, respectively. Spring 2022 sees the band on tour throughout North America in support for Finnish power metal band, Beast In Black. Summer 2022 will see multiple European tour dates in the works including some of Europe's largest heavy metal festivals. The band has their eyes on expanding tour territory and further polishing their sound.







Distributors: Napalm Records, Avalon/Marquee (Japan/Asia), CMM/SAOL (Europe) CDBaby, Record Breaking Records


Phone: 1-780-945-6217


Montreal, QC - September 20, 2023

STRIKER Unveils New Music Video "Best of the Best of the Best"

Launches Kickstarter For Seventh Studio Album "ULTRAPOWER" Produced by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah, King 810)

Canadian shredders STRIKER have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their forthcoming seventh album and fourth independent release "ULTRAPOWER" offering fans exclusive merch and rewards.

Back in 2016, after early collaborations with record labels, STRIKER decided to become an independent band and after 3 successful self-released albums, countless tours, and festival appearances around the world they are back with a fresh slab of heavy metal. Vocalist Dan Cleary explains further:

​“We are stoked to be back with our 7th full-length album ULTRAPOWER! This time we have launched a Kickstarter to help us release the album independently with some excellent exclusive merch and rewards. What makes ULTRAPOWER different? After 3 self-produced albums, we decided it was time to try something new. Talking NEW NEW. Like, why not go record with a deathcore producer? Yeah but who? Why Josh Schroeder of course. Isn't that the guy who did Lorna Shore? Why would you go to him, isn't that too heavy for you guys?' you say. Guess you'll find out!”​

Entering the studio to work on their full-length with producer Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah, King 810) this past March was a big deal for the band but it all adds up and STRIKER is looking to fans to help successfully launch "ULTRAPOWER". In return for Kickstarter exclusive special edition CDs, Vinyl, and merch, your support will help them recoup what they have spent to record the album along with upcoming physical production, marketing, and artwork. Ultimately, supporting the Kickstarter will give STRIKER the ability to continue as an independent band.

Fans can check out the exclusive offers for "ULTRAPOWER" due out on January 19, 2024 at the following link -

"ULTRAPOWER" follows their Juno Award-winning self-released full-length "Play to Win" (2018) released on their own label Record Breaking Records and features the band's latest lineup addition of long-time friend and guitarist John Simon Fallon (The Order of Chaos).


The ULTRAPOWER album cover IRL (53.549618, -113.482956) Artwork by @hasr_oner

In addition to announcing the release of "ULTRAPOWER", STRIKER is revealing their latest single "Best of the Best of the Best" accompanied by a music video.

"It's mullets, it's jet skis, it's shredding. What more do you want?" adds Cleary.

Watch and listen to "Best of the Best of the Best" at

Spotify -

Track listing, singles, and tour dates will revealed at later date.

Previous singles "Strange Love" (2022) and "Death Wish"(2021), which will be featured on the album can be viewed and heard via their music videos below.

"Strange Love" -

"Deathwish" -

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About: Blending classic heavy metal, hard rock, and 80’s hair metal, Striker has been making shredtacular anthems since 2007. The band has toured multiple times across Europe and North America along with festival appearances at 70,000 Tons of Metal, Bang Your Head Festival (Germany), and more to add to the almost 1000 shows performed in their decade-plus career. The band has been honoured with multiple Best Album awards in their home country of Canada from the JUNO Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, and the Edmonton Music Awards. Since their inception, Striker has released six studio albums Eyes in the Night (2010, Iron Kodex), Armed to The Teeth (2012, Napalm), City of Gold (2014, Napalm), Stand in the Fire (2016, Record Breaking), Striker (2017, Record Breaking), and Play to Win (2018, Record Breaking).

– 30 –

“Play to Win, which might be their most balanced effort yet. It’s their most catchy, too: the likelihood you’ll be singing along with every song before they finish is very, very high.” – Metal Sucks

“expertly combined killer arena rock choruses with well-done, cleaner verses.” – Metal Injection

“Six albums in six years. That is something almost unheard of, even in the modern era of production that considerably lessens the time needed to record and mix albums. Striker always seems to provide a new album right around when I start to wonder, “Hey, I wonder what Striker is up to?”. PLAY TO WIN is the band’s 6th LP and to my ears, one of their best. Rest assured, the band has not altered their sound. This is still classic metal, mixed with modern elements that continues to leave all pretenders in a cloud of choking dust.” – Metal Rules

“You can hear influences ranging from Dokken to Metallica on Play to Win, and it’s all done with masterful songwriting, performances and production. This is a slick, aggressively-mixed record that drips with excitement and replayability… Striker have produced their best record since City of Gold, and all fans of straight-up hard rock and metal need to own this album.” – Heavy Music HQ

“Striker have knocked this one out of the park and into the stratosphere. You’d be hard-pressed to find a catchier slice of fine cheddar this year, and I’d highly recommend it.” – New Noise Mag

“STRIKER have done it again. They hath given unto thee one monster of a metal album that simply begs to be put on REPEAT.” – Amps And Green Screens

““Catchy choruses, well-crafted riffs and squealing solos are woven throughout… Play to Win is another solid effort from Striker.” – The Metal Crypt

“Striker gush with so much enthusiasm here, with explosive riffs swirling between the vibrant harmonies and choruses, that it’s hard not to notice…Tracks like “Former Glory” and “Born to Lose” are anthemic, catchy as hell and feature soaring vocals from Dan Cleary and terrific guitar work by Tim Brown…On Striker, the band take a host of influences and hone them into a sound they can call their own.” – Exclaim!

“From the first storm-summoning power chord on the opener Former Glory, Striker (CAN) proves their new album’s initial claim of not dwelling on the past, a high and appropriate cry of “Yeah, I’m back again!”… If you haven’t witnessed this inspiring resurrection of classic metal, the band plays Friday, April 14 at Starlite with Ravenous and Tylor Dory Trio, no doubt sharpened from the faithful overseas audiences.” – Edmonton Journal

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Album/EP - Momentous by Osyron
Song - Mythos by Hunting Giants
Stage Show - Paralandra
Drummer - Christian Boles (Etched In Embers)
Bassist - Corey Wharton (Hunting Giants)
Guitarist - Ghee Yeh (Mind Of Fury)
Male Vocalist - Felipe Travaglini (Ivory Gates)
Female entertainer - Kristina Gasparic-Block (Kris The Sky)
Progressive Group - Binary Creed
Rock Group - Thy Row
Hard Rock Group - Iron Kingdom
Metal Group - Tyrants Of Chaos
Band to watch in 2022 - Ex Omerta
Music Video - Breathe In - Breathe Out (Eternal Frequency)
Audio Production - Sound Castle Studio/Chris Douglas (Produced Despite The Reverence)

A huge thank you to all the venues for your support of Indie Rock throughout these hard times, WE SALUTE YOU!

osyron poster.jpg

Album/EP - Momentous byOsyron

hunting giants poster.jpg

Song - Mythos (Hunting Giants)

paralandra 2.jpg

Stage Show - Paralandra

christian boles etched in embers.jpg

Drummer - Christian Boles (Etched In Embers)

corey hunting giants.jpg

Bassist - Corey Wharton (Hunting Giants)

ghee yey mind of fury_edited.jpg

Guitarist - Ghee Yeh (Mind Of Fury)

ivory gates vocals_edited.jpg

Male Vocalist - Felipe Travaglini (Ivory Gates)

kriss the sky live_edited.jpg

Female entertainer - Kristina Gasparic-Block (Kris The Sky)

inferno binary creed.jpg

Progressive Group - Binary Creed

thy row new group.jpg

Rock Group - Thy Row

iron kingdom poster.jpg

Hard Rock/Metal Group - Iron Kingdom

tyrants poster.jpg

Metal Group - Tyrants Of Chaos

Ex Omerta.jpg

Band to watch in 2022 - Ex Omerta

eternal freq_edited.jpg

Music Video - Breathe In - Breathe Out (Eternal Frequency)

sound castle studio_edited.jpg

Audio Production - Sound Castle Studio/Chris Douglas

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para 4.jpg
para 1.jpg
para 3.jpg
paralandra bow_edited.jpg
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