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Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Karnal Sinn is comprised of several industry veterans with decades of experience. Their music is best described as melodic hard rock with plenty of heart, harmony, and hellacious attitude. Hard driving AOR is the thread but with rich power ballads interwoven in a tapestry of fire!

Their debut album "Proceed with Caution" draws it's stories from all aspects of the human experience. Influenced by classic and southern rock, with prog and pop influences, underpinned by a foundation of raw, life experience, love, loss and heartbreak. A curated list of original tunes with one classic cover that are destined to become classics.

Robin Lei (Lee), along with collaborators, Ray Roper and Grant Borisow are credited with penning the songs on Karnal Sinn's debut album. Robin is the founder of Karnal Sinn as well as lead vocalist and co-producer. He is a veteran of the Western Canadian rock scene and has been recording, touring and playing live since the 80's. His vocals easily glide from the lower rock range to shimmering highs ala Dio and Mickey Thomas. His influences include the likes of Steve Perry, lou Gramm, Styx and Def Leppard.

Ray Roper Grammy nominated artist most notably with RCA's STONEBOLT engineered, co- produced and mixed "Proceed" as well as playing guitar, keyboards, backing vocals and some bass and drums. Ray's recent credits include engineering and playing guitar on Paul Rodgers new album slated for 2023 release. His production sense is that of all the classic rock icons from Journey to Bad Company, that is, big, bold and bombastic!

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DOREA’s Debut Video “Hypnotic” Ensnares You Into Another Consciousness

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy)


L-R - Manuel Iradian - All Guitars/ Bass/ Vsts, Hugo McSween

- Vocals, Kevin Alexander - Drums

Montreal, Canada’s Dorea is a fresh metal band on the scene that features high energy, tightness, and precision, a clear, modern sound with both clean and harsh vocals, insane guitar solos, and crushing drums. They are eager to introduce themselves to the world with their debut single along with many others they have recorded since their inception. They have carefully chosen their forthcoming music to show listeners what they're capable of and they deliver nothing less than catchy hooks, moving lyrics, and melodies that give way to bone-shaking riffs. The band's first introduction “Hypnotic” is presented with a dark and gloomy music video, which complements the dark theme of the lyrics. The band shares their thoughts:

“This song speaks about a man that loses everything he has, reminiscing about his past life and searching for truth in answers he never found. The song has everything from ballads to ripping guitar solos and complex riffing. It's a melting pot of styles. We hope the fans perceive the sound as something fresh & unique. We continue to write music because it is our passion and we want to leave behind a legacy and repertoire of timeless music.”

Devoted to making the songs as groovy, heavy, melodic, and catchy as possible while at the same time adding elements of virtuosity, Dorea’s goal is to entice listeners to sing along to the hooks and at the same time, appreciate the musicianship and technical aspects of each member’s individual performance.

Their music is colorful, rich in its diversity of styles, with even some pop elements that can be heard from time to time. "Hypnotic" was chosen as the debut single as it is the most accessible in terms of its diversity of listening ability. It takes the audience on a journey by creating complex structures with fluid transitions, but unexpected heaviness hits you right in the face.

There is no fluff with Dorea, and they are devoid of any theatricals, they are simply three metal dudes writing and performing some of the best material they can. Edgy, and familiar, Dorea is recommended for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Symphony X, and Opeth.

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ROCKIN’ ENGINE’s Video For “Monsters Under Your Bed” Will Give You Reason To Stay Awake At NightNew EP “Altered By Evil” Out July 2023

Pedal to the floor, motor running high! That’s how Ottawa, Canada’s Rockin’ Engine rolls - full throttle, no compromise. Officially formed in 2018, they released their first self-produced album “Midnight Road Rage”, which caught the attention of many hard rock and heavy metal enthusiasts throughout Europe and America. Switching things into high gear for 2023, Rockin’ Engine produced their very anticipated new EP “Altered By Evil” inspired by 80’s psycho horror, ready to be released this summer. Each track is chock full of high-octane riffs, thunderous drums, and catchy vocals that deliver chilling lyrics with power and finesse. The first single accompanied by a high-production video is “Monsters Under Your Bed”, which tells the story of a woman haunted by her past. The band comments:

“The video for this song was a very challenging project. Musically, we wanted people to hear the evolution in our style, without being too drastic in our change. Gojira was a huge inspiration in the writing process of the music, with a rhythmic introduction and heart-pounding riffs, to melodic choruses that keep playing in your head over and over again. The main inspiration for the lyrics was the storyline of Wes Craven’s Nightmare On Elm Street. So visually, we wanted to recreate our own version of certain scenes in the movie and make the cinematic experience as big as possible.

With elaborate set design and props and hours of labour, Rockin’ Engine has succeeded in making a music video that is as entertaining and dramatic as the music they make. This is only the beginning of their cinematic adventure and they are looking forward to making more detailed videos in the future.

“Altered By Evil” is intended for horror fans and rockers alike. Those brave enough to dive into the darkness will be brought into a psycho-horror fantasy, where Wes Craven meets Stanley Kubrick, where Ramirez meets Bundy, where “Tubular Bells” meets “Dies Irae”. The various subtle influences and nuances gathered in this work will please any hardcore horror movie fanatic, but also anyone who can plunge themselves into an imaginary world of monsters and evil spirits. The EP is recommended for fans of Megadeth, Slayer, and Lamb of God.

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Penny Fountain cannot be confined to any one genre as they are a blend of alternative rock, hard rock, and modern rock with elements of punk and emo weaved into their music. Their lyrics have depth and double meaning so that the listener can relate to their songs in whatever way they choose. What sets them apart is their passion for entertaining the crowd with an energetic stage show. Their sound is analogous with Smashing Pumpkins, Teenage Wrist, and My Chemical Romance, and yet is unique unto itself.

Penny Fountain was formed in 2018 in a small town in Florida by three high school friends, bassist/vocalist Xavier Wilkinson, guitarist/back-up vocalist Tony Massaro, and drummer Joel Lopez. The group began recording with the Del Couch Music Education Foundation and playing local shows in the Tampa Bay area. Their early work was written and recorded while they were still students. In July of 2019, the band released their first single “Brainz” On December 7th of 2020, they released their cover of blink-182's "Dammit" and in April of 2021, the single “Gas Station Aliens” was released. In March of 2021, the band appeared on Hit Parader’s music competition show, No Cover, where they were able to perform on the stage of the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The show was a great learning opportunity for the band and they used the experience to help them grow and evolve into the band they are today. Their latest single, “White Whale”, was released on April 28th of 2023.

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Matthieu Acker: Guitarist For France's Black Hole


This weeks featured musician is the incredibly talented guitarist Matthieu Acker.  This guy is schooled, refined and has the ability to shred your face off.  He is a pleasure to listen to and is a definite star aquisition for Black Hole. 

Having started with the classical guitar in the Chamber Orchestra of Alsace Guitars, Matthieu quickly sinks into decadence the day he puts his fingers on an electric guitar. Passionate about music, he naturally decided to go to the Faculty of Musicology and Art History in Strasbourg.


Gifted, he acquires an excellent technique which will be accompanied by a touch of feeling which he will develop within Black Hole, of which he is one of the driving forces. Holder of a degree in musicology, he teaches classical, folk and electric guitar in various music schools in the Haut Rhin, contemporary music at the Triangle in Huningue and is part of the progressive rock group Arcadia.


Influences: Jethro Tull, Yes, Dream Theater, Marillion, Jeff Beck, John Mac Laughlin, IQ, Cairo, Magellan, Mike Stern, Iro



Le musicien vedette de cette semaine est le guitariste incroyablement talentueux Matthieu Acker. Ce mec est scolarisé, raffiné et a la capacité de vous déchiqueter le visage. Il est un plaisir à écouter et est définitivement une star pour Black Hole.

Ayant commencé par la guitare classique au sein de l'Orchestre de Chambre de guitares d'Alsace, Matthieu sombre rapidement dans la décadence le jour où il pose ses doigts sur une guitare électrique.
Passionné de musique il décide naturellement d'aller en Fac de Musicologie et d'histoire de l'art à Strasbourg.


Doué il acquiert une excellent technique qui sera accompagnée d'une touche de feeling qu'il développera au sein de Black Hole, dont il est un des éléments moteur.Titulaire d'une licence de musicologie il enseigne la guitare classique, folk et électrique dans diverses écoles de musique du Haut Rhin, les musiques actuelles au Triangle à Huningue et fait partie du groupe de rock progressif Arcadia.

Influences: Jethro Tull, Yes, Dream Theater, Marillion, Jeff Beck, 
John Mac Laughlin, IQ, Cairo, Magellan, Mike Stern, Iron Maiden, 
Helloween, Saxon......



Listen to Matthieu and Black Hole along with other amazing indie bands on Indy Rock Radio:


Lots more on all the bands

Q&A with Eternal Now


Indy-How did the band form?

-The current lineup came together spring of 2022 after trying to lock down a new drummer after transitioning Jordan a.k.a the Gentle giant from drums to Bass, Jordan is the top bass player in Manitoba and possibly Canada, and we wanted to utilize his talents. We then added a rythm guitar player by Keith to compliment James' leads. We then came across Ryan Simon a professional studio drummer and everyone clicked, thus creating Eternal Now and it's new improved sound. 


Indy-How did you come up with the band’s name?

-Singer/songwriter Chantelle Night "I came up with the name for the original lineup back in 2015, it's name holds a special meaning to always live in the moment, to be present in the now as it's our only place of power!" The name can hold a different meaning to each member and fans alike and can be interpreted in many ways.  


Indy-Which song does the band like playing live the most?

- Our favorite song changes on a weekly basis and after every new song we create lol I think right now it would be Devil's on The Loose. Rockin tune. 🤘


Indy-What process do you use when writing and recording?

-We use a few different processes when it comes to writing/creating, sometimes we start with a whole riff or song concept that the very talented James Amero will pitch and we jump in and let the music take the lead, often we jam out something while noodling around and Chantelle leads with vocal melody she has in her head. It always happens very organically and we never try and make the music, we allow it to flow through us. Recording happens after we have solidified the songs and we will lay down tracks individually in studio and layer our creation.


Indy-What was the best gig you’ve ever played?

-Best gig I've ever played was at the Burton Cummings theatre, the stage and the sound and the experience was a dream, but every show where the fans are having fun and we get to rock on stage is the best!! 


Indy-What was the worst gig you ever played?

-Im sure this will happen once we begin touring, but so far it's been a blast..


Indy-What advice would you give new rock musicians forming a band?

-Be a family, talk about everything, take everything with a grain of salt and never pay to play!! 


Indy-How do you balance band life with your home life?

-Dedication. If you want it you make the time. 


Indy-What has been the band’s biggest challenge to date?

-Just finding the time to get together with everyones schedules and home life and personal issues. But there haven't been many times. 


Indy-What  changes would you like to see in the music industry?

-local scene could use more supportive venues like Bulldogs Event Center where they support the artists and not vice versa. Wpg venues have created a bad scene where they ask the bands to support the venue and pay for the space rather than being hired by the venue to bring in patrons. Good bands will never support this scene and they miss out on having quality performers which would build a reputation for providing quality entertainment, rather they loose buisness by being a place where anyone can pay to get on stage and chase the crowd out the door. 


Indy-Any last words?

-Dont stop Rockin, no matter what fight for what you believe in. 



-Chantelle Night of ETERNAL NOW 

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