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Our featured musician this week is Gunner San Agustin bassist extraordinaire for Visions Of Morpheus. This guy has the chops and does it with ease. Technical, smooth and precision riffs by Gunner fills out the bottom end of Vision Of Morpheus’s songs.


Gunner San Agustin was born in Manila, Philippines. In 1973, he embarked on a new journey, relocating to Toronto, Canada. It was during his teenage years that Gunner’s fervor for music was ignited. At 15, during his high school days, he began experimenting with the guitar and drums, drawing inspiration from legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Yes, Rush, Black Sabbath, ELP, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Metallica.


By 1977, Gunner’s musical prowess had evolved, leading him to switch to the bass guitar. This transition marked the inception of a Rush tribute band he formed with his high school friends. This band further ignited his passion for music, especially the distinctive sounds of progressive rock. His bass-playing style was significantly influenced by the likes of Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, and Steve Harris.


Drop by the bands sites and support this powerful band.


Listen to Gunner and Visions Of Morpheus along with other great indie rock acts on

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SHUMAUN Delivers Proggy Perfection With “Some Memories” Off Upcoming Album “Opposing Mirrors" Out June 2024

Indy Rock Network Will Debut SOME MEMORIES

At 8pm CST, Thursday May 16th on:

Shumaun, initially a solo project by Farhad Hossain, evolved into a collaborative band after recruiting friends. Despite drummer challenges during recording, including the departure of Tanvir Tomal, replaced by Waqar Khan, the band managed to release their self-titled debut album in 2015 with contributions from Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour) and Mark Zonder (ex-Fates Warning) on drums. Tanvir later rejoined as the live drummer. In 2019, their second album "One Day Closer to Yesterday" was released, followed by their critically acclaimed third album "Memories & Intuition" in 2021, which featured renowned drummers, Thomas Lang, Atma Anur, Mark Zonder, and Leo Margarit. Praised by numerous prominent progressive, hard rock, and heavy metal outlets such as PROG magazine, Revolver Magazine, Decibel Magazine, Metal Asylum, and Progressive Music Planet, the band's distinctive sound, propelled by Farhad Hossain's dynamic vocals and lead guitar work, Jose Mora's melodious bass lines, and Tyler Kim's nuanced guitar embellishments, has earned them accolades, awards, and widespread recognition.

In 2024, Shumaun is set to unveil their fourth album, titled "Opposing Mirrors," showcasing a stellar lineup of drummers including the return of Thomas Lang and Leo Margarit of Pain of Salvation, alongside Marco Minnemann from the instrumental power trio, The Aristocrats. For mixing and mastering duties, the band has once again enlisted Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio in France.

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Their song "BRING ON THE HEAT" debuts Today at 8pm CST on



Formed back in 2018 by brothers Niko on lead guitar and Toni Junnilainen on drums. Working as a duo was never enough, so the band found its final form fairly quickly, with Niko's long time friend and bandmate Iikka Jaaskelainen joining in on the rhythm guitar, Toni’s former bandmate Jani Pasanen on bass and last but not least, Blaze Hrovat found his way into the band with his phenomenal range and diverse vocal work.

Niko’s and Toni’s undeniable rock n' roll groove from playing together since childhood, Jani’s progressive and technical approach, Iikkas strong extreme metal background, all combined with Blazes diverse vocal work paved the way for the band’s own sound to be born, which they started calling SUPER HEAVY.


"BRING ON THE HEAT" is our latest single after signing with a finnish independent label Ässä Records. A song, inspired by late Theodore Roosevelts famous speech "A Man In The Arena" truly states what the band is all about;
tight riffs, catchy sing-along choruses and something we like to call "Authentic Finnish-Slovenian Super Heavy Action"


Natthammer chrome lightning.png


After supporting important bands from the world metal scene such as Accept (Ger), Doro (Ger), Enforcer (Swe), Satan (UK), Pentagram (Chi) and sharing the stage with various bands from the local and international metal scene in various regions throughout Peru and in countries such as Ecuador and Brazil; Fátima Natthammer (ex - Mandrágora), decides to form her own project at the beginning of 2018 under the name “Natthammer”, orienting her sound towards a classic heavy metal and hard rock style.

The first self-titled album was produced by Fátima Natthammer who worked with musician César Augusto Gonzáles Salaverry (Mauser) as producer. It was recorded at LCR Studio in Peru with the participation of César Gonzáles on guitars and backing vocals and with guest session musicians: Jorge Manzanares on bass and Javier Honorio on drums. The recording was made together with the musician and producer Luis Alberto Gonzáles Salaverry (Mauser).

With this material, Natthammer managed to have an impact not only in Peru, but also in South America and in various European countries such as Spain, France and Germany. The well-known German magazine Rock H a Inglesard published a review of this latest production and also media such as Power Play Magazine and Fireworks Rock&Metal; both well-known UK magazines. In the latter, an extensive interview referring to this material was published.

At the beginning of 2020 (at the beginning of the pandemic), Fátima Natthammer focused on the composition, production and recording of her new album “The Hammer Of The Witch” and on Natthammer's presentations at international festivals online in countries such as Chile, Argentina and Brazil. He also collaborated in 2021 with the band Living Metal (Brazil) with whom he recorded the cover of the song “Please Don't Touch" and, in 2022, with the musician Stephan Georg (Germany) with the song “The Torturer.” for this musician's solo album: “The Way is the Goal”.

Likewise, in 2023, Natthammer published a cover of the song “Sin Ataduras” by the Violadores of Argentina, for the Peruvian compilation “We are the best because we are the worst.”

That same year, the release of the singles “Evil Nightmare”, “Guardian Of Light”, “Steel Warrior” and, finally, “Don't Burn The Witch”, songs from Natthammer's new album, began. He shared the stage with bands like Visions (Colombia) and Condenados (Chile).

“The Hammer Of The Witch” has finally been released on March 14, 2024 by the Spanish label Ultraviolencia Records & Distro and Black Legion Records from Peru. This album contains 7 heavy metal songs inspired by the most traditional side of the genre.

The exclusive edition of this album is available in 12” Vinyl format, on CD in Europe and Peru and on all digital platforms.

On the other hand, in 2023, Fátima Natthammer created the band Natt&Wolf together with the musician Rafa from the band Stonehead (Peru). The first single will be released this year and is called: Motor, Cuero y Metal.

Currently, Fátima Natthammer is focused on the dissemination of her new material to continue with the deployment of Natthammer throughout Latin America and the world and is eager to participate in live shows at international festivals.

The materials recorded throughout her career, which began in 2007 as a vocalist and composer to date, are the following:


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Dyscordia is a melodic metalband from Belgium. The band consists of long-time metal veterans who were the driving force behind bands like Gwyllion, Double Diamond, Artrach, Anesthesy, Impedigon and Rhymes of Destruction.

Their first EP, 'Reveries', was released in the fall of 2010 and - together with their strong live reputation - earned them support slots for bands like Primal Fear, ReVamp, Ensiferum, Alestorm and At Vance.

With the production of their first full-length album, ‘Twin Symbiosis’ (March 2013), the band established a strong working relationship with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Katatonia,…) and mastering engineer Tony Lindgren at the Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden.

The album was followed by a lot of extremely positive reviews and resulted in the band playing more and bigger stages. Shortly after the release, Dyscordia were very well received at PPM Fest, Dokk'em Open Air and Graspop Metal Meeting.

In 2015, the second full-length ‘Words in Ruin’ was recorded with the same team that was responsible for the sound of ‘Twin Symbiosis’. The album was released in 2016 and the release show for the album quickly sold out. Strong performances at numerous festivals, including Alcatraz Metal Fest, followed. The band was also noticed on several international performances, including Summerbreeze Open Air in 2016.

In 2019, the band teamed up with Jens Bogren and Tony Lindgren once again to produce their third album. ‘Delete / Rewrite’ combines everything that made the previous albums shine, but also takes the band to new horizons, resulting in their strongest work yet. In the words of Jens Bogren, it sounds ‘heavy as fuck’. A support slot for the Doro 2020 European Tour was secured.

When Covid kicked in, these plans had to be cancelled. As another consequence of this difficult period, founding member and drummer Wouter Debonnet quit and was replaced by Chevy Mahieu in the latter days of 2022. The band had to look for another rehearsal room and eventually returned to their hometown Kortrijk.

During 2023, the band took the time to get Chevy worked in. Quickly this resulted in the creation of new material. A  new clip “Hell” was released on the 24th of March, and the fourth album is expected in 2024. A second single and matching video for the song ‘the Passenger’ is to be released early spring 2024.


The new album “The Road to Oblivion”

After the success of Dyscordia’s first albums ‘Twin Symbiosis’ in 2013, ‘Words in Ruin’ in 2016 and ‘Delete/Rewrite’ in 2020, and the long list of great reviews and gigs that followed these releases, the band went back in writing mode to prepare for the production of their fourth full-length album.

Songs were recorded, polished, re-recorded and perfected with Dyscordia’s characteristic attention to detail, and a lot of time and effort was put into the writing and recording of the vocal lines, lyrics and harmonies.

Yarne Heylen (Project Zero Recording studio – Carnation) will be in charge of mixing and mastering this new exciting album. The release is set for April 2024.

dyscordia live_edited.jpg
dyscordia album 4 the road to oblivion front.jpg


1-How did you meet and form the band?
All of us have played in other bands before. The band consists of long-time metal veterans who played in bands like Gwyllion, Double Diamond, Artrach, Anesthesy, Impedigon and Rhymes of Destruction. Back in 2009, the driving forces behind those bands were looking for something more serious and joined forces in Dyscordia.

2-How did you come up with your band name?
Dyscordia to us means finding meaning from the opposite of harmony (cordia). Or bringing harmony from chaos. We are six very different people. We all have strong personalities and sometimes we are a bit dysfunctional. But this doesn’t have to be a problem. It is the result of this friction, that creates the music of Dyscordia. We think this makes our music very versatile.

3-Which song does the whole band like playing the most?
We all have our favourites. So there isn’t the one song that everybody likes the most. We think that it is our strength. There are favourites from every album for all of us. For me, maybe “This House” or “Castle High”.

4-What is your songwriting process?
All lyrics are written by Piet and Stefan. They mostly write about very real emotions, human stories and down to earth reality. The music is mostly written by Guy and me. What we write is inspired by our different backgrounds. For me most inspiration comes from daily life, and from my love for nature.  Mostly we start from ideas, a guitar riff or a drum riff or a vocal line. And songs kind of write themselves from there.

All songs have to pass the test of playing together and the approval of all band members. A lot of changes take place in this stage. And sometimes a song doesn’t pass this test, and doesn’t make it to the album. We are all perfectionists, but it’s this very hard work that makes us very proud of “Road to Oblivion”.

5-What was the best gig you’ve played to date?

That might be different from bandmember to bandmember too, but mine are definitely the shows on the main stage of Alcatraz metal festival in Kortrijk. We had the honour of playing there twice already, and this summer we’ll be playing there again.

6-What has been the biggest challenge as band?
Covid has been very hard on us. We had great plans with our last album “Delete/Rewrite”, for a full on European tour, that were first postponed and then cancelled.  Also, our drummer and my brother Wouter lost his drive for the band and had to quit.

Luckily, we found a great new drummer in Chevy Mahieu, and now we’re up and running again. And very proud of our new album.

7-What is your current projects or plans?
We just released “Road to Oblivion” (check it on our website ). We are planning to bring this album to the fans, and play a lot of shows. We would very much like to tour Europe, so we’ll see what the future brings.

8-Has anyone been a major supporter or influence to your band?
We have very different backgrounds. And there are a lot of influences. But one thing is the same for us all: Metal is in our blood, and it will always be.  And of course we should mention our incredibly loyal fanbase here: the Dyscordia Army. They sure are very supportive and we’re grateful to have them.

9-What would be the coolest thing that could happen to your band?
Being picked up by a major label and being offered a deal that is actually honest and mutually beneficial. 

10-What changes would you like to see in the music industry?
I wish there was a fair system for all artists. But we cannot change the reality of today. We can only adapt and try to make the best out of the situation, and never forget that we’re in this because it’s fun! Having said this, I also think that we should keep using our voice. All artists should have the right to exist. Because the Big Businesses are not supportive of smaller artists, I really believe that we should support each other. There can never be enough metal!!!

Any last words?

Be sure to visit a Dyscordia show in the future ( and stay metal!!! Horns up!!!

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